The quest to get to a fractional handicap

What does it take to get to a fractional handicap?  I don't know, since I've never been there.  But, I plan to find out what it takes to get to a 0.9 hdcp, or better!

I'm a lifelong golfer.  I have a full time job (and family).  Over the past 20 years, I have ranged from 2.5 hdcp to 9.5 hdcp. My storage closet is loaded with thousands of dollars of golf clubs... none of which has gotten me to a fractional hdcp.

So, I'm going to embrace regimented practice and I'm going to embrace golf data collection to see if I can get to a 0.9 hdcp or better.

I finished 2020 with a 3.3 hdcp.  So, I need to reduce my hdcp by 2.4 strokes to get to my goal.

Stay tuned and happy golfing!